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Our mission is to let God's light shine into a child's life that may be experiencing a dark time. God personally instructed me in three separate dreams to full fill this mission and as long as I am alive I will. We are a registered 501(c) Non Profit through the GA Secretary of State Corporations Division and all donations are 100% tax deductible.


Grandma's Healing Touch


In 2009, I was in a depressed state. I second guessed most things in my life and was looking for an answer from God. Well "ask and you shall receive." Dreams are weird but their even stranger when you have the exact same dream twice. I had a dream that an angel guided me into an elevator and lead me to room 422 where a child was very ill. In the dream I couldn't distinguish if it was a little boy or girl because the face was a blur. In my hand I had a Nintendo Wii which was the hottest selling product at the time that Christmas and I gave it to this little boy/girl. Their family was overwhelmed with Joy and the dream faded out. I know it sounds goofy to think God wants me to give a Wii to a random boy/girl in room 422 at Scottish Rite Children's hospital? I told my family and friends about the dream. Most of them thought that it was just a dream but after I had the same dream twice some thought I should act upon it. It was a cold rainy night in December and I had no plans. My younger brother Kole was on Christmas break and I asked him if he wanted to go on a mission with me. Kole had nothing going on and accepted the invite. We journeyed down to Game Stop and asked them if they had a Wii available. Mind you this was deep in the Christmas season I expected them to laugh in my face like the movie "Jingle All The Way." The clerk smiled and said "you have to be the luckiest guy I know right now. A shipment came in about an hour ago and we have one left." Without a second more I had possession of the hottest selling toy of 2009. My brother and I traveled down the road and noticed that I was low on gas. I stopped and got as much as I could with the cash on me which was just enough to reach half a tank. The gas pump stopped on "6.66 gallons". I looked at the pump feeling that something was really trying to keep me from getting this "mission from God" done but it wasn't going to stop me now. We drove up to Scottish Rite off Northside Dr. which isn't very close to where I lived at the time. My brother and I walked up to the doors to receive the information that "Visiting Hours" was over. I buzzed the security guard over to the door and told him the whole story about the dream and explained "God laid it heavy on my heart for me to deliver this gift." The Security guard replied "I can't get in God's way. Come on in." The guard escorted me up to the nurse triage to hear a nurse tell me that I wasn't allowed to go back to room 422 but I could leave the gift to be distributed to a random boy or girl on Christmas day. That wasn't good enough for me and I told her thanks but I will find a way to deliver this gift to room 422 that night. I walked away and around the corner I noticed an off duty nurse who seemed to be of some middle eastern decent. I stopped the young male nurse who was eating Christmas cookies out of a tin can for a favor. I told him "Sir I am desperately needing to deliver this Wii to room 422. God instructed me in multiple dreams to do so." The nurse stood there looking at me like I was out of my mind and rightfully so. He simply replied "sure." My brother and I walked away and before leaving the premises I stopped and prayed "God I did my best and I left it up to this male nurse to deliver this gift to room 422. He is a complete stranger and I hope he is a man of his word to deliver the gift to room 422." Several months past we received a voice mail from one of my brother's baseball teammates mom Rene on Good Friday ironically. Rene left on the voicemail "please call me as soon as you can." We called her back and she explained that she was sitting at a baseball game watching her son play baseball next to a nurse that had been working that night. My mother had told had told Rene months back about what Kole and I had done. The nurse told Rene that everyone at the hospital that night thought two angels in pea coats had dropped off a gift for a little girl in room 422 who had been tested for everything and couldn't find what was wrong for two weeks. The sick girls mother was unable to Christmas shop that year due to being in the hospital attending to her daughter. Ironically within two days she was feeling better and was released. The second part was that the male nurse that I instructed to deliver to room 422 was an Iranian nurse that had been there for a month. The Iranian nurse was extremely home sick and depressed and had planned to commit suicide that very night but witnessing the act of God refrained him from doing so and went to church that night and was baptized and became a Christian. Folks I couldn't believe all this myself when I heard it but ever since 2009 I have saved money to buy a random child a Christmas gift and stopped by the hospital on Christmas Eve to show them the act of God and the true spirit of Christmas. I am on a mission now to create a foundation called "Dream Angels". I invited a very good friend of mine including my brother, mother and father last year to deliver Vermont Teddy Bears to random boys and girls at Scottish Rite hospitals in Atlanta.


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